Tala Solar started out in 2013 as a small business selling solar pumps in and around Senekal in the Free State. Through the years our customer base grew, so did our experience and our product range. We set out to provide excellent customer service and affordable, quality products, this has never changed. Tala Solar is well known for their excellent quality work and service.

Our mission is to empower farmers to become independent from the grid. For us every borehole conversion and off-grid home system on a farm is a win. In 2015 we started installing residential solar systems, and today have over 300 happy off-grid clients. In 2021 we embarked on installing commercial systems as well, large scale farming ventures especially benefit from these ‘upsized’ solar plants. Our core focus will always be solar pumps. Water is life on a farm, and for that reason we are passionate about providing farmers with excellent products.

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